Waterproof Labels

Desktop Labels™ waterproof labels are versatile, easy to use, and designed to last. They are specially manufactured using a unique 3M™ polyester material. This makes them far more water resistant and resilient than other labels on the market.

Furthermore, these waterproof labels are extremely durable and perform well in extreme temperatures and environments, making them ideal for any application where they will be exposed to inclement conditions. Plus, they work well with laser printers, allowing both black and colored graphics to be printed on their surface.

Questions for Waterproof Labels:

  • Have a challenging environment? Try polyester labels. Military and industrial clients depend on its strength and resiliency. 
  • Is environment and durability not an issue? Select paper labels because they’re about 75% less expensive than polyester.
  • Do you want labels to adhere, but be easily removable? Try rubber-based adhesives. While they typically can’t handle too much heat and sun, they do adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. All it takes to remove them is a little solvent.
  • Do you want labels that can be taken of cleanly with no residue? Check out repositionable/removable labels.
  • Do you need your label to be noticed instantly? Fluorescent labels are a smart choice. Uses include tracking inventory in a large warehouse or alerting people of safety hazards.
  • Do you require a durable label with staying power? Try acrylic adhesives which are much more resistant to solvents, heat, and sun. 
  • Want the highest adhesion? Call our label experts at 1-800-241-9730 and tell them about where how and where you will use your label. Typically, acrylic blends or modified acrylics are the most adhesive, but they don’t withstand sun and heat well. 

Be sure you’re getting the ideal label for your application by contacting Desktop Labels at 1-800-241-9730 or at our contact page. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided labels for everything from fighter aircraft to file folders. We’ll quickly help you identify the perfect label material.