Labels By Material

Before purchasing labels, think about how and where they will be used. Then select the optimal combination of label and adhesive stock that will help you achieve your goals. Here’s a high-level overview:
  • If you have a challenging environment, try polyester. This face stock is amazingly durable, and can stand up to the elements year after year. That’s why it’s a favorite among our many military and industrial clients.
  • If your labels won’t face the elements, save money. Go with paper because it’s about 75% less expensive than polyester.
  • If you want a label to adhere, but still be easily removable, try rubber-based adhesives. While they typically can’t handle too much heat and sun, they do adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. All it takes to remove them is a little solvent. For labels that can be taken off cleanly, with no residue, check out repositionable/removable labels.
  • If you need your label to be noticed instantly, try radiant labels. These bright labels are ideal for keeping track of inventory in a large warehouse or to indicate safety hazards.
  • If you need a durable label with staying power, use acrylic adhesives. They are much more resistant to solvents, heat, and sun, making them a powerful choice when you need your labels to last in challenging conditions.
  • If you require the highest level of adhesion, tell us more about the environment where the label will be used and the surface it will adhere to. Our label experts can be reached at 1-800-241-9730. Generally, acrylic blends or modified acrylics are your answer. But they don’t stand up to sun and heat well.

To be certain you’re ordering the ideal label for your application, contact Desktop Labels at 1-800-241-9730 or For more than 20 years, we’ve provided labels for every conceivable use, from fighter aircraft to file folders and everything in between. In a few minutes, we’ll be able to help you identify the perfect label material.